Electrons on helium can make exceptional qubits

How It Works

At the heart of EeroQ’s technology is the trapping and control of individual electrons floating in vacuum above superfluid helium. These electrons form the qubits, and the purity of the superfluid protects the intrinsic quantum properties of each electron.

Quantum information can be encoded in a number of ways using single electrons. In one method, the qubit is formed from the “side-to-side” (lateral) quantum motion of the electron in the trap. This motion can either be in its lowest energy state, the ground state, or in a number of higher-energy excited states. The quantum motion of the electron perpendicular to the helium surface, as well as the electron’s magnetic spin, can be utilized so that multiple qubits are available for each electron.

Microchannels fabricated into silicon wafers are filled with superfluid helium and energized electrodes, together with the natural electron trapping properties of superfluid helium, allow for the controlled trapping of individual or multiple electrons. The microchannels are only a few micrometers in size, or about 5 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair!

Microchannel regions can store thousands of electrons, from which one can be plucked and transported to the single electron control and readout area. In this region, microwave signals interact with the electron to perform quantum logic gate operations.

As with other quantum computing platforms, EeroQ’s electron-on-helium chips must operate at extremely cold temperatures. While the infrastructure may be complicated, the availability of quantum cloud platforms will allow seamless delivery of compute power for future end-users.

Mission Statement

Our new mission statement on making the world better with commercial quantum computing, will be released December 10, 2020.

Our Team

Nick Farina


Co-Founded EOC, a leading software and services corporation in higher ed. Investor in Bering Science. Former Board of Directors, Chicago Public Television. Proud to have failed often. Haverford College & Oxford University.

Faye Wattleton


Former CEO of Planned Parenthood. Partner + Head of Corporate Governance Practice at Alvarez & Marsal. Previously, Board of Directors: Columbia University, Pardee RAND Graduate School, Estée Lauder.

Professor Johannes Pollanen


Jerry Cowen Chair of Experimental Physics & Assistant Professor at Michigan State University (funded in part by The NSF). IQIM postdoctoral scholar at Caltech + Northwestern University Ph.D. in condensed matter physics.

Dr. David Rees


Leading expert in electrons on helium for quantum computing. University of London Ph.D., 2007 Thesis: Single Electronics on Liquid Helium. Researcher: RIKEN, National Chiao Tung University.

David Ferguson


Hannah Parnes

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